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Premier News and Updates

  • 27Jun

    Monday July 4th Club Hours
    Airline = 5AM - 1PM Lakeway = Closed We encourage all of our Lakeway members use our Airline location when closed. Happy Independence Day!

  • 10Jun

    Lakeway Location Closed
    Three Lakeway is experiencing a power outage due to an issue with Entergy.  Lakeway & Entergy are working to resolve the issue.  We do not currently have a timeframe on when the issue will be resolved. Lakeway members are encouraged to use our Airline location.

  • 06Jun

    18th Anniversary
    Premier Fitness was 18 years old on June 4, 2022. Looking forward to 18 more.

  • 24May

    Memorial Day
    Club Hours Premier Fitness Airline 5AM-1PM Premier Fitness Lakeway Closed We encourage all Lakeway members use our Airline location

  • 12May

    New Strength Equipment
    Brand new Matrix Hack Squat, Glute Trainer and Glute Ham Bench delivered TODAY! Your butt will never be the same. Be Premier Fit at Premier Fitness

  • 10May

    Premier Recovery
    "Active Isolated Stretching" now available at Airline. Increases Range of Motion / Mobility, Improves Posture, Relieves Lower Back & Shoulder Pain + so much more. Sign up at Front Desk.

  • 02May

    Attention Premier Alumni!
    Become a Premier Fitness member again and get Special Alumni pricing. Contact Membership at either Premier location to get started. Ends 5/31/22

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Did You Know?

Aerobic Exercise Boosts Your Metabolism

The benefits of a regular aerobic exercise program for about 30 minutes four or five times per week includes long-lasting benefits for your metabolism and will help you maintain a healthy weight. Although you only burn calories for a limited time after aerobic exercise, the aerobic boost to your metabolism continues to help lower your blood sugar, cholesterol, and blood pressure.

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