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Be Premier Focused 
Be Premier Strong 
Be Premier Young

Be Premier Fit

Be Premier Focused 
Be Premier strong 
Be Premier young 
Be Premier Fit

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Words of Appreciation

Just wanted to tell you that I am extremely happy I signed up! I went to 3 classes this week. All at 6:30 PM. Please don’t ever do away with this time slot! It’s been great for me. I’m starting to really like the classes, I just hope I can keep it up.

Also, everyone there – SUPER nice! I just wanted you to know that I have no buyer’s remorse and I’m glad you followed up with me by email b/c I was close to backing out of it all together.

— Christine

In the past 3-months I have seen my motivation to work out improve! In the beginning I dreaded going to the gym, now I hate missing it.

I love the group exercise classes! Especially spinning and body pump!

— Megan

Thanks, I could not have done it without the help from all the great RUA Loser trainers and participants. That was a great experience and really helped me boost my weight loss.

— Allen

Your health club, or should I say my club has helped me more than you can imagine. With the help of God and Premier, I don’t know if I could have made it. My life has been turned upside down at lease four times in the last several years. Through prayer and vigorous exercise God has given me the strength to endure these tribulations. Premier has provided the outlet.

— Homer

Yeah!!!!!!!!!!! My co-worker, Aimee told me that she joined!!! Is that cool or what? She promises to take the early morning spinning classes with me on M-W-F. I also hope to finally get the opportunity to take a Yoga class….whew…… finally….. I know that it is important to have a well-rounded workout program to achieve lifelong results and a healthy lifestyle…..I am living A Premier Fit LIFE! ! !  Thanks fo being such an effective promoter and concerned administrator. I hope to successfully encourage others to join me in being Premier Fit.

— Sophia

I absolutely love your gym. I was at the same gym for 15 years and I feel born again at Premier. I only wish I had joined earlier.

— Thomas

I’m enjoying Premier and I’m happy I’ve joined. It’s bit of a drive for me, but feel Premier offers what I’m looking for in a gym.

— Marshall

It truly has been a great experience so far, something about this place ignites a fire in me that I quite frankly haven’t felt in years. I’m actually thinking of competing again. As a personal trainer that has trained top level amateur, national level and pro physique athletes all over the country, your physicality is top notch and very clean!! Clean is a big deal!!

— Marc

New Orleans Area Premier Health Club

Did You Know?

Weight Loss
One must burn more calories than one takes in to lose weight at any age. This can be done either with caloric restriction or with exercise, and personal fitness training. Although metabolism slows down somewhat as we age, increasing weight with age is usually due to a drop-off in activity while dietary habits stay the same or get worse.

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