Premier Fitness Classes

Premier Fitness Classes

Many group fitness classes weekly to fit your busy schedule. Find out when our group classes are by checking our online calendar.

Private Sessions:

Extend your personal fitness and wellness goals with the guidance of our professional instructors. Training programs are customized to address your unique fitness profile. Exclusive classes in yoga, Pilates reformer, Pilates mat, stress reduction and more. See you favorite group exercise instructor about taking private sessions.

Premier Fitness Classes:

Class Type IC = Indoor Cycling | Y = Yoga Center | R / S = Reformer Studio | X = XpressWay | FIT = Fitness Live
Concentrated abdominal and back work followed by stretch.
Class Type: Y
Advanced Boxing Workouts Learn More
World Class professional trainers will instruct individual and group sessions of their advanced boxing workouts. You will train like the pros, combining all elements of a fighter’s routine. Our trainers have trained professional fighters for years. Their techniques have produced many World Champions.

Upper body, lower body, Abs!
Class Type: FIT
Body PumpLearn More
The barbell workout to get you toned and defined like nothing else. Non aerobic and good for men and women of all fitness levels. Get in shape fast.
Class Type: FIT
A fitness bootcamp is a group exercise class that mixes traditional calisthenics and body weight exercises with interval training and strength training.

Box / Strength combo
30 minute box / 30 minutes strength / 15 minutes abs
Body sculpting class will make you feel like a prominent sculptor as you shape, tone and define your body
A short, sharp workout that’ll inspire you to the next level of fitness, while strengthening and toning your body
“FUN”tionally Fit
Put the fun in functional training. Balance, agility, and mobility program to increase your functional abilities.
Mid-week Meltdown
Hump day cardio class designed to burn major calories and tone every muscle in your body.

Pilates Reformer Learn More
Reformer sessions offer workouts that are engaging, effective and customized to meet your specific needs. It will change your body!
Class Type: IC
30 minutes of beneficial stretching to help reduce the risk of injury and prevent muscle soreness
Class Type: X

Spinning Learn More
A cardiovascular group cycling program with expert coaching, inspirational music and a mind/body philosophy. Burn calories fast in this class.
Class Type: IC
The 30 minute circuit training program for everybody’s body.
Class Type: IC
The inside-out fitness technique. Traditional Hatha style yoga for breathing and stretching. Classes develop strength, endurance, correct body alignment, flexibility and relaxation through postures.
Class Type: Y
A combination of yoga and pilates using a series of controlled movements designed to enhance strength, flexibility, control & balance.
Class Type: Y
Hip shaking, calorie burning, high energy dance class. It involves dance and aerobics elements incorporating hip-hop, samba, salsa, merengue and belly-dancing.
Class Type: Y

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